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D.n.N. Insider Editions

How the Boiler Room Works

The Custodial Staff at Ditmas JHS 62 shared information on how the Boiler Room functions and provides heat and hot water for the school. Mr. Wagner, Head Custodial Engineer, in this segment describes the boiler as a "big tea kettle," which produces steam from the basement to heat the rest of the building. They also fill D.N.N. in on how it is turned on and how the firebox removes debris with high heat so nothing burns or starts a fire.

How to cut and weld metal

The Custodial Staff at Ditmas JHS 62 shared information on how to cut and weld metal by allowing D.N.N. to follow them through the steps of repairing the basketball hoop in the school yard. John, Fireman, showed D.N.N. reporters how to cut metal using Oxygen and Acetylene and weld it in place using a welder.

Ditmas Media Channel

The Community inside of a Community

Ditmas I.S. 62