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Living Proof:The Holocaust Happened is a digital reasearch project conducted by teachers and students at Ditmas Junior High School to uncover the truths about the Holocaust through primary sources and live testimonies. In 2009 students were

invited to several locations to meet Holocaust survivors from Auschwitz and Budapest to be given a live account of what really happened according to their testimonials. The final project included a compilation of data and resources which was submitted into a tri-state competition. Ditmas was chosen as one of the top 10 winners out of 200 entries.

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Ditmas Wins Tri-State Award: March 2010

Living Proof: The Holocaust Happened

During the 2008 presidential elections history was on the verge of transforming. For the first time ever there was a strong chance that an African-American would be elected into the Oval Office (which became a reality). But how much did Ditmas Children understand the history?

As a result, teachers and students did a musical and entertaining performance in order to uncover American History and the changes it was seeing. The video starts with rap video of the birth of the US. Then a quick musical review of the Bill Of Rights, and then performing the evolution of Civil Rights all the way to a minority leader. The video was selected as a winner in the 2009 Tri-State Award competion sponsored by Chase and Channel 13.

Ditmas Wins Tri-State Award: March 2009

A Changing America

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Ditmas award winning documentaries

2012: Fact or Myth

2012? What's the story? Between television, magazines, street talk, and the internet, a hysteria has grown about the year 2012 and the predictions behind it. As aresult, a few Ditmas students took it upon themselves to do a brief research on the ancient scriptures predicting the years meaning.CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

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