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Ditmas Intermediate School services close to 1400 children, 150 Staff members, and many other outside visitors. With such large numbers in one building the school is broken up into three academies. Law and Community Service (LCS) is housed on the third floor, Academic, Performing and Visual Arts is housed on the 2nd floor (APVA), and the 6th Grade Exploratory is housed on the 1st floor. Similar to how NYC is broken up into smaller communities but is one city as a whole. Ditmas reflects the same set-up and is known as the community inside of a community.This site is a tool to help document and showcase what teachers, students, and even the community do daily. In many schools great things happen but go unrecognized. The Ditmas Media Channel tries to make it possible for everyone in Ditmas to record and showcase what they have accomplished. Anything from student publications, performances, media projects, events, and even school news broadcasts are posted daily to keep the Ditmas community informed about what's happening. Ditmas.TV (The Ditmas Media Channel) is Ditmas's dedicated TV station helping to entertain, expose, and inform the great things at the school. With sharing and togetherness a community will continually grow. is Ditmas Intermediate School 62's home for all news, events, publications and any productions at the school. This site is designed to bring what's happening at Ditmas to the community and the world. If it's happening or happened at Ditmas you can find it on


In the late 1980's Roy Applewhite, teacher, began a media program which showed students how to perform, film, edit and produce media. At the time students used VHS camcorders, DAT recorders for audio and a reel to reel editor, accompanied with a live video mixer. Events at Ditmas were recorded along with short skits performed by students.For the time, the productions were capturing to audiences and paved the way for funding of a TV/Radio room in the 1990's. The program was successful for about 6 years until the equipment became obsolete and the dynamics of the school changed. Afterwards, the program collapsed, Mr. Applewhite retired, and the TV/Radio room was abandoned. Around 2003, several media competitions were developed in the Tri-State region. Under the leadership of two teachers, Michael Downes and Angelo Carideo, Ditmas started developing media projects with students and entered into several. As a result, Ditmas won 4 out of 5 Tri-State media competitions, bringing in awards for the school. Later, Mr. Liotta joined Mr. Downes and Mr. Carideo and invested in newer equipment creating an after school media program, creating several documentaries and short videos with students for the school. Finally, in 2011 the three teachers, with the help of dedicated students, created a news program currently known as D.N.N. (Ditmas News Network) which broadcasts every one to two weeks throughout the building. The program has helped unify Ditmas and the community by informing and exposing what's happening at the school. One day it is hoped that the media program may service all patrons of the community and pave the way for all aspiring entertainers and technologists.With the technological skills of Mr. Carideo and Mr. Liotta, the Ditmas Media Channel has become a multi-camera, live streaming channel as well as a site showcase. Concerts, events, and sports activities are shown live on the Online Live Broadcast page. The first event streamed was the 2012 APVA Winter Concert and had over 70 viewers online.

Ditmas Media Channel

The Community inside of a Community

Ditmas I.S. 62