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2012: Fact or MythBy: Wendy Martinez and Mr. Liotta (2012)

Many people have different thoughts on the world ending or in other words the apocalypse. So much has been written about December 21, 2012 that it´s got everybody confused. All over the world people have made their own predictions on the apocalypse, and there is no knowing which one is true. But then again, perhaps the point is to feed us with so much information and misinformation that we are distracted from learning the real truth, whatever that may be. A lot of the predictions made are based on religion and scientific theories.For instance The Mayans an ancient civilization that occupied regions of Mexico and parts of Mesoamerica created the long count calendar which has a start date that corresponds with the Gregorian date of 3114

BCE and lasts for a cycle of 5125, the end date being December 21 2012. There’s a belief that this doesn’t mean anything other than the end of a cycle after which another cycle will begin. In ancient China about 3,000 years ago, a novel called “I Ching” or the “Book of Change”, was a novel that has been finally understood to predict when the world ends. With advance technology, a set of brothers went to decipher the book. The results of deciphering the book ended at 2012. However instead of thinking about what will happen, why don’t we think about a way to protect our earth. Maybe we all can change something instead of predicting.Written By: Wendy Martinez


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